Hastings Centre Rockhounds Workshop Rules and Regulations

These rules are for the purpose of establishing the expectations of behaviour for Hastings Centre Rockhounds members who enter and/or make use of the workshop and its equipment. They are so that everyone can play safe and have fun!

Last Modified: 2016


  1. All members must sign the register to use the workshop. Each member must conform to all workshop rules and regulations and obey the instructor in charge and the workshop chair if present.
  2. Each member using the workshop must be a member in good standing; have paid and attended at least two General meetings in three, unless exemption is granted for a limited time by the Executive Committee for valid reasons submitted by such member. Members’ cards will be used to record attendance at General meetings.
  3. Fees for each session in the workshop shall be recommended by the Workshop Chair and voted on by the members. Likewise slab cutting fees will be also be recommended by the workshop chair and voted on by the members. Fees will be posted in The Rocket and on the website. There will be no charge made when the session is devoted to a club project.
  4. Anyone wanting to use the workshop equipment will attend a training Session to be given before using our equipment for the first time.
  5. Each member using the workshop will present his or her current membership card if requested by the instructor.
  6. The Workshop Chair or present session instructor shall be in complete charge of the workshop session and will direct the use of all the equipment as per the guidelines set out by the Workshop Chair. The workshop chair decision shall override the instructor if there is a difference of opinion.
  7. The Executive Committee may, if and when necessary, in consultation with the Workshop Chair and instructors, restrict the use of the workshop by specifying the number allowed to attend any specified class or session for any specified period of time.
  8. Children under the age of 16 cannot use the workshop unless there is a waiver on file which has been signed by their parent or guardian. The junior member must also be accompanied by an adult member of the club, who is responsible for their behaviour.
  9. Members use the workshop at their own risk. Safety rules must be observed at all times. This is for our members’ own protection. It is recommended that PPE (personal protective equipment) be worn but it is the member’s responsibility to use/buy the PPE (respirators, safety glasses, gloves, earplugs. The club will have foam earplugs and a limited supply of safety glasses. Members must wear appropriate, close toed footwear when in the workshop.
  10. There is a “3 strikes in a year policy”: money back and ejection from shop for bad attitude (refusing to follow instructor instructions). This would be followed up at the next executive meeting and may result in the formation of a Special Complaints Resolution Committee.
  11. No equipment is to be turned on, or cupboards opened, before the instructor in charge is in attendance. The instructor must check all saws after set-up with rock before they are turned on.
  12. All equipment used during a session, including the tables and counters, must be properly cleaned after use by those using the equipment. Leaving early (thus avoiding clean-up) must be made known to the workshop instructor early in the session.
  13. All small equipment must be put inside the cupboards at the close of each session.
  14. Members who use the workshop will be called on from time to time for general cleaning and/or maintenance of the shop.
  15. The trim saw is to be used only for trimming slices into working pieces and must not be used for slabbing rocks.
  16. Water must be used at all times on every polishing machine. Ensure the water spray does not get all over the floor.
  17. If the instructor in charge of a workshop session feels that any member is not treating the equipment with the care it requires, they can ask the member to redo the basic orientation. If the member declines then they will be asked to leave. See #4 and #10
  18. When the workshop is busy with members, everyone is expected to keep a limit on the time they spend on one machine, especially when others are waiting. Please be considerate of others.
  19. Non-cab rocks need special inspection per individual case by the instructor.
  20. Some rocks are toxic and not allowed to be cut or polished. A list of these banned rocks will be posted in the workshop. All rocks must be identified before working with them. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure proper identification.
  21. Each workshop session will vote to decide whether to stop for a coffee break.
  22. No members are to be in the courtyard accessing the big saw room when there are children using the courtyard.
  23. Members are reminded that our club is a hobby club. Mass production of items for sale is prohibited. Anyone contravening this rule will be asked to leave the workshop. See #10

Hastings Center Rockhounds Workshop Rules and Regulations

  1. For lapidary and for silversmithing long hair, cranial and facial, is to be contained or tied back.
  2. Sleeves are to be rolled up.
  3. Watches, hanging jewelry and large rings must be removed at the request of the instructor. Failure to do so may result in denial of the use of equipment.
  4. No towels are to be hung around the neck nor draped over the shoulders while at the machines.
  5. Closed toed shoes are to be worn.
  6. If any member notices an unsafe situation in the workshop, they should address it with the person or persons involved as soon as possible and let the instructor know.
  7. Be aware of the Emergency Procedures.


If you want to learn more about us we encourage you to drop in to our meetings as a guest. Or you can email us with any questions.