Hastings Community Centre has removed all restrictions on the number of people who can attend a workshop. Reservations are no longer necessary.

If you are a member in good standing, have taken the required lapidary workshop training course, and are double vaccinated with a vaccine “passport” with ID to show, you can drop in at the workshops and use the equipment on a first-come, first-served (shared) basis. Be prepared to work on another project if you need to wait to use a particular piece of equipment.

Monday Lapidary – 6:30-9:30
Wednesday Silversmith – 9-12
Wednesday Lapidary – 1-4
Thursday Lapidary – 6:30-9:30
Saturday Silversmith – 9-12

To register for classes, please email/phone the instructors according to the date you wish to attend:

Richard (Monday 6:30-9:30 – Lapidary)
Marilyn (Wednesday 9-12 – Silversmith) 604-294-4808
Dave (Wed 1-4 – Lapidary) or call 604-253-1258 afternoon/evenings only
Sante (Thursday 6:30-9:30 – Lapidary) 604-805-0023
Crystal/Bob (Saturday 9-12 – Silversmith)
Bob (Saturday 1-4 – Lapidary)

For any questions/clarifications, please contact the appropriate instructor.