The reserved workshop appointments will be first come first serve basis and the earliest you can book is 72 hours beforehand and the latest to book is 24 hours beforehand. If you need to cancel please give at least 24 hours advance notice. Currently, there will only be 5 participants (including instructor) per session and you can only book once per week. Please make sure you read the HCR Workshop Safety Plan beforehand.

Monday Lapidary – 6:30-9:30
Wednesday Silversmith – 9-12
Wednesday Lapidary – 1-4
Thursday Lapidary – 6:30-9:30
Saturday Silversmith – 9-12
Saturday Lapidary – 1-4

To register for classes, please email/phone the instructors according to date you wish to attend:

Richard (Monday 6:30-9:30 – Lapidary)
Marilyn (Wednesday 9-12 – Silversmith) 604-294-4808
Dave (Wed 1-4 – Lapidary) or call 604-253-1258 afternoon/evenings only
Sante (Thursday 6:30-9:30 – Lapidary) 604-805-0023
Crystal/Bob (Saturday 9-12 – Silversmith)
Bob (Saturday 1-4 – Lapidary)

For any questions/clarifications, please contact the appropriate instructor.