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At our monthly meetings, members have the opportunity to check out books and magazines ranging on many topics related to the lapidary arts, rockhounding, jewellery, rock and gems, and much more. Below is a list of some of the books we have had, but it does change so come see the mobile library at our next monthly meeting.

Mobile library filled with books on lapidary and rocks.

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts of South America – Lucy Davies
Chinese Art – Michael Sullivan


The Book of Beads – Janet Coles
The History of Beads – Lois Sherr Dubin


Bird Carver – John Scheeler


Bone and Horn Carving – Carson Ritchie
Design and Figure Carving – E.J. Tangerman
The Fundamentals of Gemstone Carving – Gordon S. Kennedy

Diamond Pacific Tool Company
The New Larousse Encyclopedia of the Earth


Color Treasury of Crystals – Vincenzo De Michele
The Crystal Handbook – Kevin Sullivan


Carl Faberge – Kenneth Snowman
Peter Carl Faberge – Henry Charles Bainbridge


Creative Enamelling and Jewelry Making – Katharina Zechlin
Enamels, Enamemling, Enamelists – Glenice L. Matthews
The Art of Enameling and Mosaics – Paula Colson


The Eskimo and His Art – Carson I.A. Ritchie


Fossil and Fossil Collecting – Roger Hamilton
Fossils of All Ages – Jean Claude Fischer
The Fossil Book – Mildred Adams Fenton
The Great Dinosaur Hunters and Minerals


Crystals Gems & Minerals of the Bible – Ruth V. Wright
Gold, Gemstone & Mineral Sites of British Columbia. Sites within a day’s drive of Vancouver – Rick Hudson


What You Need to Know About Your Gold and Silver – Oscar T. Branson


Australian and New Zealand Gemstones – Bill Myatt
Australian Opals in Colour – N. & R. Perry
Collecting Gems & Ornamental
Color Treasury of Gems and Jewels Uncut Stones and Objets D’art – Henri Jean Schubnel
Gem Hunter’s Guide – Russel P. MacFall
Gemcraft – Lelande Quick
Gems and Jewelry – Joel Arem
Gems and Minerals of Washington – Lanny R. Ream
Gems in Jewelery
Gems, Minerals, Crystals and Ores – Richard Maxwell Pearl
Gemstone & Mineral Data Book – John Sinkankas
Hidden Beauty: The Art of Gemstone Photography – Ruth A. Stennett
Riches of the Earth: Ornamental, Precious and Semiprecious Stones – Frank J. Anderson
The Gem Kingdom – Paul E. Desautels
The Mineral Kingdom – Paul E. Desautels
The Opal Book: A Complete Guide to the Famous Gemstone – Frank Leechman
The Wonderful World of Precious Stones – Pierre Bariand


Assembling California – John McPhee
Biography of the Earth – George Gamow
Dana’s Minerals and How to Study Them – Cornelius S. Hurlbut
Earth and Life Throughout Time – Steven M. Stanley
Essentials of Earth Science – Harold Leonard Levin
Familiar Rocks and Minerals – Alfred A. Knopf
Gemstones and Minerals – Paul Villiard
Geology for the Young Naturalist – Allen White
Geology of Manning Park Area BC
Getting Acquainted with Minerals – George Letchworth English
Handbook of Minerals – Hellmuth Boegel
How to Know Minerals and Rocks – Richard M. Pearl
Mineral Collector’s Handbook – Barry Krause
Minerals and Man – Cornelius S. Hurlbut
Minerals of the World – Charles Sorrell
Minerals, Rocks and Precious Stones
Ornamental Stones
Physical Geology – Charles C. Plummer
Portrait of Canyon Country – Stephen Trimble
Principles of Geology – James Gilluly
Rocks & Minerals – Richard V. Dietrich
Rocks and Minerals of the World – Charles A. Sorrell
Rocks and Rock Minerals
Rocks and Their Stories – Carroll L. Fenton
Rocks, Rivers and the Changing Earth – Herman and Nina Schneider
The Encyclopedia of Minerals and Gemstones – Michael O’Donoghue
The Mineral Kingdom – Paul Desautels
The Observer’s Book of Geology – I.O. Evans
The Rock Pictures of Europe – Herbert Kiihn
The Romance of Canadian History – Robert MacDonald
The Studio Handbook of Minerals – Hellmuth Boegel
Treasures from the Earth: The World of Rocks and Minerals – Benjamin M. Shaub
Understanding Earth – Frank Press
Wonderful Life – Stephen Jay Gould

American Indian Art


Antique Jade – Paul Hamlyn
Jade – J.P. Palmer
Jade (Collector’s Blue Books) – Louis Zara
Jade: Its History and Symbolism in China – Berthold Laufer
Princes of Jade – Edmund Capon


20th Century Jewelry – Caroline Pullee
305 Authentic Art Nouveau Jewelry Designs – Maurice Dufrene
A History of Jewelry 1100-1870 – Joan Evans
A History of Jewels and Jewelery – Ingrid Kuntzsch
Art Nouveau Jewellery and Fans – Gabriel Mourey
Buying Jewelery
Creative Bead Jewelery – Carol Taylor
Crown Jewels of Iran – V.B. Meen
Ethnic Jewelry – Donna Z. Meilach
Indian Jewelry Making – Oscar T. Branson
Inventive Jewelry Making – Ramona Solberg
Investing in Antique Jewelry – Richard Falkiner
Jewelry Book – Maggie Hayes
Jewelry Making – Gordon Stokes
Jewelry Making and Design – Augustus F. Rose
Jewelery Making For Schools, Tradesmen, Craftsmen – Murray Bovin
Jewelery Project Ideas
Make Your Own Costume Jewelry – Jutta Lammer
Modern Jewelry – Irena Brynner
Princely Magnificence
Step by Step Guide to Jewelery Making – Avril Rodway
The Design and Creation of Jewelery – Robert Von Neumann
The Great Book of Jewels – Ernst A. Heiniger
The Pleasure of Jewelery and Gemstones – Joseph Sataloff


Cutting & Setting Stones – Herbert Scarfe
Gem Cutting Lapidary
Gems and Jewels
Jewelry Making: Tips and Tricks of the Trade – Stephen O’Keeffe
Lapidary for Pleasure and Profit – Eric Shore
Making Silver Chains: Simple Technique Beautiful Designs – Glen Waszek
Silver Threads: Making Wire Filigree Jewelry – Jeanne Rhodes-Moen
The Lapidary Manual – Herbert Scarfe
The Thames and Hudson Manual of Direct Metal Sculpture – Trevor Faulkner


Stone Mosaics – Sylvia Spencer


Parks of British Columbia – Doug & Bobbe Tatreau




North American Seashells
SeaShores – Lester Ingle
The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Seashells – National Audubon Society

Guizhou Ornamental Stones


Tools of the Old and New Stone Age – Jacques Bordaz


The Complete Guide to Treasure Hunting – Norman V. Carlisle


Turquoise – Joseph E. Pogue


Beachcombing the Pacific – Amos L. Wood
Jewelry: A Pictorial Archive of Woodcuts and Engravings – Harold H. Hart
Manual of Traditional Wood Carving – Paul N. Hasluck
The Beginners Handbook of Woodcarving – Charles Beiderman
The Big Book of Whittling and Woodcarving – E.J. Tangerman
Whittling and Woodcarving – E.J. Tangerman


If you want to learn more about us we encourage you to drop in to our meetings as a guest. Or you can email us with any questions.