New Members

Membership for the Hastings Centre Rockhounds runs from January to December, but you can join at any time. If you join from September to December the membership is half of the regular price. Membership can be acquired at our monthly meeting, see the top of our home page for when the next meeting is. 

Single membership costs $20 or you can sign up a family for $25. A family membership includes up to two adults and any number of children up the age of eighteen.

Membership with the Hastings Community Centre is required as part of the club membership.

Anyone interested in becoming a member can come to our workshop or to our monthly meeting for more information, but it can only be acquired at the monthly meeting. Membership is required to continue with club activities including the use of our workshop. For the workshop, new members must complete the training sessions on how to use the equipment before having free access.

For any enquiries, please send an email to the Hastings Centre Rockhounds.


If you want to learn more about us we encourage you to drop in to our meetings as a guest. Or you can email us with any questions.