Wire Wrapping with Adam K

Wire wrapping will cover bracelets, rings, pendants and more. It will take place twice a month. Wednesdays after lapidary, starting at 2 o'clock till 5, then the afternoon class from 6:30 till 9:30pm. Members are welcome to attend both. 2 dollars for each class. Base metals will be available for purchase, and lists for the following weeks will be given out at classes for precious medal purchases, however some may be on hand. Tools will be provided, but please bring your own if you have them. First classes are Sept. 10 and Sept. 24th.

(sample photos coming soon…

For wire wrapping. Please bring:
Project 1 Pendent
18g round wire (4+ feet)
30 g round wire (15+ feet)
a cabuchon (pendent size).
Project 2 Bracelet
20 g square wire (5+ feet)
22 g half round (5+ feet)
Project 3 Ring
18g square wire (3+ feet)
20g half round (2+feet)
small cabuchon or stone abouth the size of a dime to nickel.
Copper, brass silver or gold. its your choice, they all work fine, except copper is cheapest. please buy dead soft for all if it is available, otherwise half hard will be fine. Dual colors for each project sometimes make the projects look better ie: copper and brass.

adam kell