Hastings Centre Rockhounds

Vancouver Lapidary

Our Next Meeting

Friday September 27 at 7pm

We are currently on our summer break for meetings. If you are interested in becoming a member you are welcome to come as a guest to our next meeting!


Hastings Community Centre
3096 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC


Members can use our workshop to cut cabochons as well as join our silversmithing workshops.


Throughout the year, attend club shows, fieldtrips, rendezvous, and club meetings.

Mobile library filled with books on lapidary and rocks.


Find many links to valuable resources such as relevant society links, a list of our library catalogue, and club documents.


Stay in the loop with what has been happening in our club by reading our Rocket Newsletter which releases almost monthly.

About Us

We are a community of people who come together because of our common interest in lapidary.

The Hastings Club has been active for over 65 years. Interests of members range from all aspects of the lapidary arts to rock, mineral, and fossil collecting. We have a well equipped workshop where we cut cabochons, facet stones, as well as polish and set jewelry. More than half of our members are accomplished silversmiths and jewelry designers. Some make gem trees, do enameling, carve rocks and wood, or collect minerals as well. We also organize regular field trips to various rock hunting areas. Our club formed in 1958 and within a short time club members were participating in local and BC shows.


If you want to learn more about us we encourage you to drop in to our meetings as a guest. Or you can email us with any questions.